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How to transfer from Reus airport to Salou?

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Q: Could you please advise me if there are direct trains or buses from the Reus Airport to Salou?

A: Yes, indeed there is a public transport bus that departs from outside the Reus airport arrivals hall and travels to Salou. Its second stop is Salou. Another option would be a taxi which costs approximately €18.00, depending on the exact place where you go. It will take you about 20 minutes to arrive at Salou.

You will find detailed information about the official Reus taxis by clicking on the following link:

Reus airport Taxi transport to Salou

There is no direct train from the airport to Salou. If you want to travel by train you need to go to the city centre of Reus first by taxi or bus (stop at the train station) and then catch a train to Salou. Please find detailed information concerning the Reus airport, transport options from Reus airport to the Costa Dourada, the Golden Coast, with stop in Salou and other near located destinations following the link below:

Reus airport transport

Please also see general information regarding the facilities at the Reus airport clicking on the link below:

Reus airport facilities

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