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Access to Barcelona Cruise Ships By Taxi For People with a disability?

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Q: We will be arriving at Barcelona airport and will take a taxi to the Adossat cruise port terminal. My father is 85 years old and is a person with a disability. Therefore I would like to know if the taxi is allowed to drive right up to the cruise ship on Adossat terminal?

A: I was informed by the port it is not possible to drive right up to the ship with the taxi. By knowing the exact name of the ship, you can call the port (they generally have an attendant that can speak English) and they will give you the telephone number of the operating ship company. You can then call the company and find out with them how to best organize help. In general the staff aim to be as helpful as possible. Access to the cruise ships are at ground level, so you do not have stairs that obstruct the access.

Customer Service Centre of the Cruise Port
Tel: +34 93 298 6000

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