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Taxi company offering transport for people with a disability in Barcelona?

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Q: I use a mobility travel scooter as I have trouble walking. I am flying alone to Barcelona. I can do short walks with a cane, but I still have to bring the mobility scooter with me along with my luggage. The travel scooter breaks down into 5 small pieces and is less than a total of 45 kg. Should I call the number on your site for taxis for special needs when I get to the airport or should book a taxi before I leave Canada? If I should book it before I leave is there a web site where I can order the special needs taxi?

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A: There is only one Taxi Company that transports mobility scooters. You will find its details and telephone number at the end of this page. The company is called Taxi Amic. They work with 45 adapted vehicles. You can order their taxis at any time of the day, but need to keep in mind that their reservation service has certain operating hours.

Taxi Amic reservation service
Operating hours:
 07:00 - 23:00
Last phone reservation: 23:00

If you need a taxi during the night after the last reservation time, you need to make your reservation by phone before that time. If you need a transport early in the morning, more or less between 06:00 and 09:30, you need to make your reservation the day before. At any other time of the day, it is like any other taxi service that you call when you need a taxi.

You can reserve a taxi up to three months before needing the service if you like. So you can easily make the reservation before starting your trip. This company transports foldable wheelchairs as well as scooters. They do not have a group service because they only work with cars, not vans. Please find the contact details of Taxi Amic below:

Taxi Amic S.L.
Carrer Taulat, 24
08005 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 420 8088

If you need to only transport a foldable wheelchair, there is a second company you can phone. Their service can be ordered 24 hours before the trip. Their telephone number is available 24 hours / day.

Carrer Espronceda, 47
08005 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 307 0707

You could also consider renting an electric scooter in Barcelona to save on the issues of transporting your scooter. You can find the details about rental prices and the process of renting a mobility scooter in Barcelona by following the link below.

Electric scooter rental for people with a disability in Barcelona

We have also created some general information articles about facilities for people with a disability in Barcelona which may be helpful including reports sent to us by travellers with a disability - follow the link below for details.

Access Barcelona for People with a disability

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