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Travel With Mobility Scooter On Barcelona Public Transport System?

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Q: I wish to travel from Barcelona Airport to Salou. I have a mobility scooter and wish to use public transport, trains, buses.

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to take a mobility scooter on public transport systems in Barcelona. There are two main reasons for this

1. There is insufficient space on the Metro, trains, or on metropolitan buses to travel with a mobility scooter.

2. You would not be able to get it on the train or bus or Metro as at many places you would need to climb or descend stairs (included the train itself).

Whether you are able to travel on a coach with a mobility scooter all depends on the coach company. You will not be able to get into the coach with your mobility scooter. Regular short distance coaches may have adapted facilities on the coaches where a platform helps to lift a person with a wheelchair into the coach. But this depends again on each company.

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For long-distance travel, you usually have a limitation of luggage weight (30 kg) that you can bring, and there would be supplements if you carry on heavy items above this. Again that depends on each company's policy. If the mobility scooter is not heavy and is foldable, they may accept its transport in the luggage compartment, but that is something they do not guarantee. It also depends if the coach is full and how much luggage the other guests have. Therefore, the only thing you can try is to get in contact personally with each of the bus companies and find out.

It may be helpful for you to know that in Barcelona there is a mobility scooter and wheelchair rental company. For more detailed information about the firm as well as general information for people with a disability and people with limited mobility, please click on this link:

Rent mobility scooters in Barcelona, includes general information for people with limited mobility and travellers with a disability

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