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Dress code recommendations for attending the Tablao Cordobés flamenco evening?

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Q: My husband and I have made a booking through your website to the flamenco evening at Tablao Cordobes on Las Ramblas. We chose the evening meal and flamenco show option. Is there a dress code for the flamenco evening?

A: We contacted Tablao Cordobés to confirm if there was a specific dress code. They informed us that there was no specific dress code to attend the evening.

Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Evening performer.
Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Evening performer
However please note even though there is no formal dress code it is worth bearing the following points in mind.

There is air-conditioning at the flamenco show venue, and therefore it can be a little cooler than you may expect even if it is a warm hot sunny day outside. Therefore if you intend to visit with light clothing, it might be worth your while bringing a shawl just in case you feel a little chilly when watching the show.

Even though there is no specific dress code to attend it may be worth your while to dress up for the evening because from our experience on a recent visit most of the people attending were dressed in smart clothing. There is nothing saying that you need to be smartly dressed, but perhaps you may not feel comfortable if you're the only one wearing overly casual clothes.

For further information see our review of the flamenco show evening at Tablao Cordobes.

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