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How To Find Out What Shows Are On In Barcelona?

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Q: We would like to find out what shows are playing in Barcelona before we arrive. How can we do this? Where can we purchase the tickets online? Where can we find information about other shows?

A: If you would like to find out what shows, concerts etc. are going on in Barcelona, you can check at the website of the Barcelona Tourism Office. If you look at "Agenda" you can choose the type of event you are interested, the dates and will find all the necessary information about the venue and the online booking possibilities. You can also give the Tourism office a call, they speak English and will be able to help you regarding most of the questions you may have. Please find their telephone number below:

Turisme de Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 285 3834

Barcelona City Pass

If you already know where you would like to look for show events in Barcelona, you can also look for the website of the venue and check the events they propose.

You can also go directly to the tourist offices in Barcelona if you are already in Barcelona. Please see the different tourist offices and their contact details by clicking on the following link:

Barcelona Tourist offices

Ticket purchase for Shows in Barcelona

You can purchase the tickets online at ServiCaixa or Entradas. To find detailed information about how to book using the online ticket reservations service ServiCaixa and how to pick up your tickets from ATM machines once you are in Barcelona, please see this page:

Barcelona online ticket reservation service ServiCaixa, includes how to proceed for the reservation process

Tel: +34 90 248 8488 for buying movie tickets.
Tel: +34 90 248 8488 to buy theatre tickets.
Tel: +34 90 248 8488 for tickets to other events.

Website: Entradas ticket purchase

Barcelona tourist offices contact details

You can also take a look to some of the most famous classical music venues and link to other music venues by visiting this page:

Barcelona classical music venues and link to other music venues

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