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How To Find Program Of Events in Barcelona?

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Q: We will be in Barcelona can you tell us how we can find a program of Barcelona events, shows and concerts in the city?

A: For finding out what events are on in Barcelona we recommend visiting the Barcelona Town Council events database. You can enter your dates of visit to Barcelona and you will see a list of events that will be occurring during that time period. Not all events are stored in this database however it is comprehensive.

Once at the Barcelona town council website click on the "Site Map" link. You may have to click on the link to change to your preferred language. Once you are at the Site Map page look for the link called "Diary" it is usually under the section called "Services". Click on that link, and you will be taken to the Events Diary for Barcelona. Here you can undertake your search for concerts, events exhibitions etc. in the city during your time of visit.

Here is the link to the Barcelona town council website:

Barcelona town council

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