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Cheap Hotels During Christmas And New Years In Barcelona

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Q: Can you recommend any hotels offering cheap or discounted rates over the Christmas and New Years period in Barcelona? We want a double room in a hotel situated in the city centre with good transport links but also reasonable standard accommodation - are we asking too much?

A: Now is a good time to be looking for deals on Barcelona hotels. Many hotels are offering discounts during at this time. We did some searching around and found 4 hotels offering cheap rates - typically around €45.00 - €90.00 for a double room. The rates depend on the day you travel. All these hotels are close to a Metro stop and are in the City Centre. The first Hotel Silken Concordia is actually just around the corner from where we are based - we walk past it every day. It offers basic but good clean accommodation and excellent transport connection via the metro.

Hotel Silken Concordia - in Poble Sec and right next to Poble Sec metro giving you access to the heart of the city centre with just a 8 minute ride on the metro to La Rambla. This hotel consistently gives excellent prices and at the moment they are offering double rooms for around €54.00 per night. If you ever want good, clean and reasonable accommodation close to the city centre I think this hotel is a good option.

Nouvel Hotel (3 star) only a few minutes from La Ramblas €36.00 - €84.00 per night (depending on the day of the week you book).

AC Front Maritim - This hotel is near the beach - it is a 20 minute ride on the Metro to reach the city centre but they have offers of between €56.00 - €93.00 per night for a double room which is 40% off the normal rates.

BCN Montjuïc Hotel - This hotel is close the Plaça España which has the green line metro close by. It is also close to the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc and has excellent transport connections at Plaça España this hotel is currently offering double rooms starting from €69.00 per night.

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