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Christmas lights and Markets in Barcelona?

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Q: Could you please tell me if Barcelona has any Christmas lights / markets etc. during December?

A: There are many activities on in Barcelona during the Christmas period. Although there are Christmas lights in some of the streets like Carrer Ferran and Portal de l'Angel and on La Rambla they are nothing to write home about. El Corte Inglés (large department store) in Plaça de Catalunya entrance has an impressive display of lights each year. I have included a link to a few photos of the Christmas lights below.

In terms of markets in the weeks leading up to Christmas there are little market stalls all around the Cathedral selling Christmas items and gifts. These stalls pop up like mushrooms all around this area at Christmas time and add a real sense of Christmas to the whole city centre.

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Another popular location to visit during Christmas is Plaça de St Jaume square where you will find a nativity display each year at Christmas. This is a large and popular display and can be quite large taking up a good section of the square itself.

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A few Photos of Christmas in Barcelona city centre

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