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How to buy tickets for concerts and events in Barcelona?

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Q: Could you please let me know how to buy tickets for concerts and main events in Barcelona. Is there a contact telephone number of an agent that can do this?

A: There are many different tickets selling organizations in Barcelona. One which is popular and used by the locals is the ServiCaixa.

La Caixa is one of the most important banks here in Spain and offers a ticket selling service. You can purchase the tickets online. The languages available are English, Spanish and Catalan. If you know, the venue simply type it into their search box. If you know the kind of event, the date and place where it takes place and then you only have to follow the instructions they give to complete the purchasing process. To collect the tickets, you can

  • go to a ServiCaixa ATM of "la Caixa". There are usually two types of ATM (which stands for automated Telling Machine or auto bank): the ATM's that offer the ServiCaixa service have a "ServiCaixa" logo on the machine. To pick up your concert tickets, you will need to retrieve them between 24 - 48 hours before the beginning of the concert, depending on the venue.
  • You will need the card you have used to make the purchase.
  • In the venue itself. You can collect tickets from the ticket office of the venue until a few minutes before the show begins. , In either case, you will need the card you have used to make the purchase. If picking up the tickets in person, you will also sometimes need photographic identification such as a passport or identity card that matches the name of the person who ordered the tickets.

Another good option, but only in Spanish, is Atrapalo website. You will find the details of this service by following the link below:

Official website Atrapalo Events in Barcelona in Spanish

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