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Barcelona 10k Run San Silvestre Road Race

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Q: I am trying to find out how to register for the Barcelona San Silvestre 10K Road Race Run but can only find with Catalan text - Please tell me if there is a registration form in English available.
Barcelona San Silvestre 10K Road Race Run
Date: 31 December 2023

A: This year the registration form is only available in Catalan. However do not fear we have created an English translation of the Catalan subscription page.

English translation for the San Silvestre Race

We have also provided other informational links on the Barcelona San Silvestre 10k race with much more detail on how to fill in the forms in English. You will find the links under the heading "Related Articles" at the foot of this page.

Barcelona San Silvestre 10k Road Race Run subscription

Official website for the San Silvestre race run

San Silvestre 10K Route

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