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English Translation For Application of The Sant Silvestre 10k Race Barcelona

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Q: Could you give me the translation for the Sant Silvestre race application form? How much does the application for the race cost? Could you tell me some hotels close to the start? Is Barcelona airport El Prat the nearest airport?

A: Below please find the translation of the important parts of the current application form which are not yet in English.

The link to the online application form is given below this translation. We recommend you visit the web page with the application form and then follow our translation below

English translation of the San Silvestre Race application form - This was translation was made with permission from a representative of the Barcelona Town Council

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Instruccions per a tramitar la inscripció -
English Translation Instructions how to apply

Empleneu el formulari i premeu ENVIAR. Vostè anirà a un servidor segur
propietat de l'entitat bancària. Allà haurà de complimentar les dades necessàries i la seva inscripció es realitzarà automàticament.

English Translation: Fill in the application form and then press ENVIAR (send). You will come to a secure server which is property of the bank entity. There you need to fill in all the information requested and your subscription will be carried out automatically.

Complimentar aquest formulari suposa l'acceptació del reglament de la cursa.Per a qualsevol reclamació i/o anul•lació, el comprador cal que es posi en contacte amb entitat organitzadora de la cursa.

English Translation: Fill in this documents means that you fully accept the conditions of the race. For any reclamation and/ or cancellation the buyer needs to get in contact with the organizing company of the race.

Formulari d'inscripció - Inscription Form
Tipus d'inscripció - Kind of inscription
Inscription with yellow chip: €8.00
Inscription with white chip: €17.00
Temps acreditat - proven time
DNI (documento nacional de identidad) identification card (passport if you come from abroad)
Accepto les condicions de compra i el reglament de la cursa
I accept the terms and conditions of the race
Enviar - Send
Esborrar dades - delete entries

For further detailed information about the registration fee and the chips for the Sant Silvestre race, please refer to the following link:

Sant Silvestre 10k Race registration fee and detailed chip information

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