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New Year Eve Sant Silvestre Race Run - English Registration form?

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Q: I am looking to register for the 10K Sant Silvestre race run that is held on New Year's Eve in Barcelona but can only find the registration form in Catalan. Is there any chance that form is now available in English so I can apply for the race? If not what recommendations can you make for a non-Spanish speaker to apply for this running event?

A: There are two options for able-bodied runners to make your application for the San Silvestre Race:

1. You can submit your application online
2. You subscribe in person at the Catalan Athletic Association

Applicants with disabilities can also make their application via email:

Email: [email protected]

Is there a subscription form for the San Silvestre Race in English?

At the time of writing the application form is only available online in Catalan language. It has not been translated into English or any other language (including Spanish) as it had been on occasions previously.

If the race organizers read this and you have now made a translation of the application form into English or any other languages you can feel free to contact us an we will update this page.

Online subscription form

Therefore here is an English translation of the fields on the form that you will need to fill out.

Tipus Inscr: This means the type of subscription you want

The 3 Options translated are:

Propietari / Titular Xip: €6.00 - If you own your own Race Chip
Lloguer xip d;un sol us: €18.00 - If you need to rent a chip from the race organizers
Inscripcio amp compra xip groc: €22.00 - Subscription if you want to buy a yellow chip with your entry

Nom - you first name
Cognoms - you surname

Sexe: The options are:
Home - Male
Dona - Female

XIP: Chip Number (if you have one)

Data Naix - Birth Date

DNI: If you are visiting from oversees this will be your passport number. It stands for National Identity Document number.

Club: If you are a member of a club

Adreca: Your postal address
Localitat: Town / City
CP: Post Code
Pais: Country

Telf: Your land line telephone number
Mobile: Your mobile phone number

At tick box with "Accepto Les Condicions de compra i el regament de la cursa": This means you accept the conditions of purchase and the rules for running the race. You will find these in English on the San Silvestre English Language information link we've given below.

San Silvestre Race information page in English Language

There is also a section on Legal Conditions for signing up to the race which includes such details as data protection rules and regulations for how they will handle the data you provide them and other conditions associated with entering the race. We recommend you undertake a Google translation of this text to make sure you understand these terms.

Once you have ticked the box you need to click the button which says (Inscriu-tu)

Inscriu-te - "Sign Up"

After filling the application you will then arrive at the payment page to give the details of your credit card, to pay for your application.

If you have any problems understanding Catalan we recommend you go to Google Translation and enter each word or sentence that you don't know. Google gives a pretty good translation. You will need to select Catalan as the source language.

Now you know the translation you should be able to sign up online without any problems.

2. The other possibility is to go personally to the Catalan Athletic Association office.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 21:30
Saturday: 09:00 - 14:00
Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

Please find the contact details below.

Agrupacio Atletica Catalunya
Estadi Municipal d' Ateltism Joan Serrahima
Carrer Polvori, 5-7
08038 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 423 3392

Email: [email protected]

For the race you will need to have a chip, also called Champion Chip. See below for what this is.

What is a Champion Chip?

A Champion Chip is a micro chip that each runner needs in order to be timed for how long they take to run the race. It is a miniature transponder in a specially designed housing, marked with a unique identification number. If you do not have your personal yellow chip, you need to purchase a white (sometimes black one) when you register. These chips are coded for one single race and cannot be used for any further race. You receive the white or black single use chip before starting the race when you pick up also the dorsal number.

For more information on the different types of chip and how they are used please see our FAQ answer on Transponder Chips for the San Silvestre Race

For detailed information about the micro chips, what the different colours mean, how to use the chip, where to buy a yellow chip, information about the chip code and much more please visit the official website of Champion Chip by clicking on the following link:

Barcelona Sant Silvestre Running Race Champion Chips. What are they and where to find them

Our Insider Tip

Make sure to choose the right chip option when you make your application. If you own a yellow chip, you only pay €6.00 for the application. In that case you need to give the 7-digits-code of your yellow chip when registering. In case you do not have a yellow chip, you will need to pay an additional €2.00 for the white (sometimes black) chip that you'll receive.

Direct link to the application form:
Barcelona New Year's Eve Sant Silvestre 10K race application form.

How an individual runner can register for the Sant Silvestre 10k run and what is the Champions Chip.

Our Insider Tip

Note that the race only admits a maximum number of 10,000 participants. Applications via telephone, e-mail or fax are not accepted.

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