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What is Open During A Public Holiday in Barcelona?

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Q: I'm planing to visit Barcelona from 30 October. I've heard that 01 November is a public holiday. Does this mean that everything is closed? What is closed and are the tourist sights open?

A: During public holidays in Barcelona the high street shops, supermarkets and banks are closed. You will find small corner shops open generally selling household food items. As for the sights and attractions, it is best to check directly with the official website for each attraction you are interested in to see the operating hours during a public holiday. As a general rule of thumb, many attractions are open during a public holiday. We have created a page that will enable you to look up the open hours of many Barcelona attractions Barcelona Attractions Official Websites

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You will find some restaurants open during public holidays however it is best to check which ones before your arrival.

We cannot give precise information on opening hours for attractions and restaurants because it varies significantly depending on the Barcelona attraction and even with the type of holiday.

List of public holidays in Barcelona

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