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Gay Area in Barcelona

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Q: Where is the gay part of Barcelona town centre? And what is the best way to get around the city?

A: There are no defined gay areas as such in Barcelona as it's quite a liberal city. However Sitges beach is popular with the Gay community (about 30 minutes on the train from Barcelona city centre) The area that has the most gay bars, and clubs, is Eixample near Calle Diputacio and Arago streets along with Calle Balmes and Villaroel (Calle is another word for street ) You will find a comprehensive guide to the Gay and Lesbian scene in Barcelona in the Time Out guide which we have reviewed. They have devoted a chapter to reviews of Bars, shops and clubs catering for the gay scene.

Barcelona is quite small, and you'll be able to walk around to most places or just use the Metro which will take you just about anywhere in the city. Try taking a look at our Barcelona metro page for more information.

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