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Can You Send Me Printed Literature About Barcelona?

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Q: Can you send me hard copy printed literature and a street map of Barcelona or an information pack via email?

A: Our speciality is online literature. Unfortunately we do not send out literature as part of our service. We do not have any printed literature we can send. By printed literature we mean maps, information packs, leaflets / pamphlets or Brochures. Neither do we have any electronic versions of these which we can send via email. However there are several things you can do below to obtain what you request.

Barcelona City Pass

There is one of four things you can do to obtain your information packs on Barcelona.

1) Ring up the Spanish embassy in your own country and ask them for this information - they normally send this out free of charge.

2) Contact the Barcelona tourism office - here is the web address:

Barcelona Turisme

3) Buy a guide book for a few pounds that has everything you need. We have reviewed a selection of guide books on the following page:

Barcelona guide books

4) For maps we recommend that you purchase a good quality map for your visit. The tourist office give out free basic street maps however they can be confusing to use and you can easily get lost using them because not all the streets are listed, only the primary streets. We have reviewed one quality map on the following page which you can purchase from Amazon online store. You will find our review to the map on this page.

Barcelona map review

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