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How To Translate Any Barcelona Information from Spanish To English?

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Q: Some information online about Barcelona only appears to be in Spanish e.g. timetable information. How can we understand this information if we only speak English?

A: Good question. Hopefully our website answers most of your questions however there are some information pages that are only available in Spanish e.g. timetable information that we do not have directly on our site. We only give the links to official sites for this type of information and sometimes it is only in Spanish.

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One useful tip however is if you go to the Google translation web page and enter the web address of the Spanish page there. Then select Spanish to Englishthen go to the section that says "Translate a web page" then enter the web address of that page you want translating and click the translate button. Google will then return a rough translation of the page into English which should be good enough for you to get the gist of what the page is about.

Here is the Google translation page:

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