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Q: I will be coming to Barcelona would like to purchase the discount Card However I am unable to enter into the web site for more information, i.e. cost. I have removed all pop up blockers on my computer. Appreciate any information.

A: There are commonly 2 types of problem if you cannot follow one of our links on our website.

1. The first is to do with activity booking links like the Barcelona Cards, Football Stadium Tours, Flamenco Shows and Tourist Bus etc. This type of problem is often due to SKYPE that is installed on your PC and interfering with loading of the web page (solution given below) or with another type of Internet Service e.g. ONSPEED (the web accelerator package).

2. The second type of problem is due to looking up timetable information. Problems visiting this type of link are due to the fact you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view the document. (see the solution given below)

Barcelona City Pass

SKYPE Issues: We have found that if you are running SKYPE on your PC, it interferes with some of the links on our website and prevents you from visiting the web page. What I recommend is that you disable SKYPE and then try and visit the link again. Right-click on the SKYPE icon and then click Quit. This should then enable you to visit our links. This SKYPE issue not only happens on our website but also on other websites.

If the above does not work and you still cannot visit the link then it is possible that during the installation of SKYPE the SKYPE program also installed an additional Ad-On in Internet Explorer. These are little programs loaded in the background when you install SKYPE that interacts with Internet Explorer. These Add-ons have been known to interfere with web page loading (not just on our website). This means that even if SKYPE is disabled, you will still experience the problem with visiting some of our links. We then recommend you try disabling the Skype Add-ons by the following method:
Open Internet Explorer on the top menu Click Tools / Options / then click the Programs tab and look for the button that says Add-ons ;and click on it then scroll through the list of Add-ons and disable all SKYPE Add-ons.

There are many thousands of types of Inherent Browser Add-ons or additional programs that can interfere with web page loading. We recently had a report that the service ONSPEED was also interfering with page loading on some of our links. We recommend that you try and disable all additional types of internet programs if you cannot access one of our web pages. Most of the time we have found there is some program on the site visitor's PC that is interfering with the loading of the web page. We thoroughly test all our web links on a regular basis, and if you are only using Internet Explorer or Firefox without additional Plug-ins or Add-ons or other Internet software, e.g. web accelerator software you should not have any problems visiting our links.

If the above fails then you can try installing the Firefox free web browser (which we think is a better browser than Internet Explorer and is much more secure than Internet Explorer). You can obtain Firefox from the following website: Free Firefox web browser download. Once you have downloaded Firefox, try and visit the link again using Firefox. Firefox is a more stable browser and shows fewer interferences than with Internet Explorer.

If none of the above work then try using the links given below which are built by a different method and may enable you to visit the page that you need. We have listed only a few of the most common links where problems have been reported to us:

Barcelona Card
Barcelona FC stadium tour
Flamenco Show in Barcelona
Hop on Hop Off Tourist Bus

To Follow Links To Timetable Information
Another possible problem is for site visitors not to be able to view timetable information provided by links on our website. This is because often the timetable information provided by the transport company is only available in PDF format (not a web page) and you need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Download your free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader

Still having problems following a link?
If none of the above work then send us an email by clicking the link below and give all the information necessary for us to find the link that you are having problems with. Give the full web address of the page on our site that the problem link is situated and the text on the link so that we can easily identify which link you are having a problem with. We will then investigate and send you an email with a solution.

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