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Aerobus The Aerobus is the express bus service that runs from central Barcelona to Barcelona airport. To learn more about this service visit our Aerobus page.
Barcelona Card The Barcelona Card is a tourist transport and discount card that enables you to ride on all of Barcelona's public transport system without purchasing tickets. This includes the Metro, FGC, the bus services and the RENFE train to and from Barcelona Airport. It is not valid on the express airport bus service (Aerobus). The Barcelona card also gives you free entry into many museums of interest and discounts on many others. You can purchase and reserve your Barcelona Card online. To learn more about the Barcelona Card see our website article on the Barcelona Card.
Barceloneta Barceloneta is a neighbourhood close to Barcelona centre but with ready access to Barcelona's beaches. It is a popular area with families and anyone who wants to enjoy the beaches but still be close to the city centre.
Barrio A Barrio is another name for neighbourhood in Barcelona. Each Barrio has its own unique and distinctive personality. Do a search at our site for Barrios guide to find more information on each of the Barcelona Barrio.
Carrer Carrer is the name for street in Catalan. In Spanish the name for street is Calle.
El Corte Inglés El Corte Inglés is a company that operates a large and popular chain of department stores by the same name. There are several large Corte Inglés stores in Barcelona centre, the most popular being in Plaça de Catalunya Square.
Gaudí Antoni Gaudí was one of Barcelona's most famous architects and was responsible for designing the Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, Casa Mila and the famous Park Güell amongst others. Gaudí's work is distinctive and original. Coloured tiles, curves and forms of nature are all elements in Gaudí's work that give his creations an unmistakably unique style.
Gothic Quarter This is the "Old Town" area of Barcelona characterized by old buildings, cobbled, old and windy streets. It is also called Gòtic Quarter or Barri Gòtic. Some people also refer to it as the "Gothico" This part of the city has a lot of character and is a fascinating area to walk around.
La Rambla La Rambla is Barcelona's most famous boulevard. Many people refer to La Rambla as Las Ramblas because there are several differently named sections of La Rambla, however the actual name for the boulevard is La Rambla. La Rambla is not just a boulevard it is home to many street performances and it is quite an experience just walking up La Rambla. La Rambla has the Monument to Christopher Columbus at the southern end and Plaça de Catalunya at the Northern most end.
Metro The Barcelona metro system is the underground train system that operates in the city. The Barcelona metro system offers you a cheap and efficient means of travelling around the city.
Plaça de Catalunya Plaça de Catalunya is the central most square in central Barcelona. It is at the Northern most end of La Ramblas. Plaça de Catalunya is also in important transport hub where you can catch the Metro underground system (both the green and red lines), FGC train system and also many stops for RENFE trains. Plaça de Catalunya also has stops for many bus services including the Aerobus, the express bus service to Barcelona Airport.
RENFE RENFE is the Spanish National Railway Network or "Red Nacional de Ferrocarriles Espanoles" RENFE operates both intercity services and commuter train services. The commuter train services are called "Cercanias"
Sagrada Família La Sagrada Família is one of Barcelona's most famous buildings. Its full official name is "Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família". It is infact a giant unfinished Bascilica designed by Antoni Gaudí and is the number one tourist attraction in Barcelona
Sants Estació Sants Estació (Barcelona Sants Railway station) is an important station in Barcelona. It is the principal station for connection to Barcelona and neighbouring towns along with a principal station for catching long distance trains from Barcelona. The station also has a train that goes to and from Barcelona Airport.
T-Casual The T-Casual is a TMB travel card that gives discounted travel on the Barcelona public transport system including the Metro, buses and RENFE train in Zone one areas. The T-Casual can be purchased from any metro stop via automatic vending machines or from a ticket booth. To learn more about the T-Casual please visit our main website pages.
TMB TMB stands for the "Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona" or the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport service. It includes the Metro (underground system), and bus systems.
Zone 1 The Zone 1 area is a clearly defined transport area in central Barcelona. The Zone 1 area covers the city centre in which most of the tourist attractions are situated. The Zone 1 area also extends to Barcelona Airport. For more information and a map of the Zone 1 area see our FAQ maps section.

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