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Lost Barcelona Souvenir What Can I do?

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Q: I recently spent 5 glorious days in Barcelona as part of a 2-week visit to Spain. A friend has the Las Ramblas poster that is for sale at every kiosk on La Rambla, which I purchased also. Regretfully the poster got lost in my jet-lagged foggy state of mind in an airport on my way home. I have searched and searched to find a place online that sells this poster, but have found nothing. Do you know how I might locate a vendor? I absolutely love the painting and am heartbroken to have lost it. Thank you for your help.

A: We often receive messages like this. The answer is yes; there is a way for you to obtain your print again. However, it involves you flying back to Barcelona and buying one! There is no other way.

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Seriously though, I am sorry to hear of your loss however these prints and other Barcelona souvenir items like this can only be purchased when you are in Barcelona. We receive many similar enquiries to yours, some with a variation of "could you send me this" and we are unfortunately unable to deal with these types of requests. There are no online services that we are aware of selling original Barcelona souvenirs sold from La Rambla. The only way I know of to purchase your Barcelona souvenir is to come back. Is that such a bad thing after all?

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