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Lost Property At Customs Barcelona Airport

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Q: I went through the security check-in Terminal 2A at Barcelona airport and left a locket in the white tray next to the scanning machine at the customs, it was only whilst I was on the plane did I realise my mistake. I asked the airline steward to contact lost property, and they did take my address and telephone, and also supplied me with a telephone number to call. I called, but this was the number for onboard lost property. What can I do to find my locket?

A: This is not an easy question to answer because of the location you lost your item. I recommend you call Barcelona Airport tourist information line to ask them specifically who you need to speak to. Explain exactly where you lost your item in Barcelona airport otherwise they may pass you to the wrong department.

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If you lost an item on the aeroplane you would call the airline, if you lost luggage then you call the baggage handling unit. However I do not know exactly who you need to call if you lost your item actually at customs. You would need to contact Barcelona airport to find this out. I have given the contact information below.

For more information see our Guide to the Lost Property Department at Barcelona Airport. If you have lost an item in Terminal 1 (T1) of the airport you will find the Lost Property office located at Level 2 of the terminal building, next to the Left Luggage department.

Barcelona Airport Tourist Office
Aeropuerto de Barcelona
El Prat de Llobregat
08820 Barcelona, España.
Telephone Terminal 1: +34 93 378 8175
Telephone Terminal 2: +34 93 557 5220
Fax: +34 93 478 4736
E-mail: [email protected]

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