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Lost Property in Barcelona Taxi? Advice On What To Do

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Q: I think I have left my camera in a Barcelona Taxi. How can I contact the Taxi company to see if they have found my lost camera?

A: If you have just lost your property then if you know the name of the firm call the Taxi firm you were with right away to see if they can locate your lost property.

You should also call the Barcelona taxi lost property service which co-ordinates information on lost property for the Barcelona taxi services:

Barcelona Taxi Lost Property Helpline:

Tel: +34 93 707 0600

You can also contact Barcelona Taxi Lost Property by visiting the following link:
Lost items webform on Barcelona Taxi official webstie

Ideally you should have as much information as possible to identify the taxi you were in. You will find useful information on the taxi receipt if you asked for one. We highly recommend you always ask for a receipt. Not only is it useful should you find that you have lost property but it is also useful to make a complaint if you feel there is reason to do so. The receipt should have most of the information you need to identify the taxi but if not make sure to write down the taxi number displayed inside the cab and/or the licence plate number. Also record the time you made your journey.

The next place you should try is the Barcelona city council lost and found office.

Lost & found Department
Barcelona Town Hall
Plaça Pi i Sunyer, 10
08002 Barcelona, España.

Tel: 010 (inside BCN)
Fax: +34 93 413 2031 (outside BCN)
Website: Lost property office

We recommend you visit the Barcelona Metropolitan Taxi Institute website for more information regarding lost property in a Barcelona taxi and all other useful information on the Barcelona taxi service.

Official Website for the Barcelona Metropolitan Taxi Service

Our information pages on the Barcelona Taxi service
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