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How To Find Location Of My Hotel In Barcelona?

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Q: Please can you tell me the exact location of the street Cendra, in the old town of Barcelona. This is supposed to be near El Raval. How far, how long to get here by taxi from airport? Cost of taxi fare?

A: Below you will find links to all the resources you need to look up this information for yourself. As you can appreciate we receive large volumes of email with similar requests and we cannot give individualized answers.

1. The first stage is to find out where your hotel is Based in Barcelona

To look up the location of any street in Barcelona simple use the following link. Once there type in the name of the street you want.
Barcelona online street map.

Barcelona City Pass

2. The second stage is to find your bearings. To find your bearings, look up the location of Plaça de Catalunya and see where it is in relation to your hotel. Plaça de Catalunya is right in the middle of Barcelona centre near the top of the Ramblas and is a main transport communication hub. The Aerobus (Express bus service from Barcelona centre to Barcelona Airport) runs to and from Plaça de Catalunya to the Airport.

3. Choose which means of Airport Transport you prefer

To see an in-depth summary of the transport options to and from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona city centre see the following link:

Barcelona Airport Transport

After visiting the Barcelona airport transport page shown above you will know the prices for the different transport options to and from the Airport.

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