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Zone 1 Area In Barcelona

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Q: What is the Zone 1 area? Do you have a map of the Area?

A: There are 6 transport zones in Barcelona. The zones are related to transport distances from the city centre. Zone 1 area encompasses the centre of the city. The zone numbers increase as you move further out from the centre. Zone 6 is in the suburbs of the city. The zoning system works in a similar way to the zone system used for the London underground. The zone system is used to work out the prices of transport tickets. The Zone 1 area is the main area where the tourist attractions are and account for most of the area where tourists spend their time.

The map below covers the zone 1 metro area of Barcelona.

Barcelona metro map: Click on the map to see a magnified version.
Click on the map above to see a version which you can print out.

To see the exact limits of each of the transport Zones for TMB transport follow our link below. You will need adobe acrobat to view the page.
Barcelona Transport Zones Map

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