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How to Buy An Apartment in Barcelona?

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Q: Can you give me some tips on how to buy an apartment in Barcelona? I will be moving there in a few months and would like to know if there is anything I can do in advance to help me prepare for searching and purchasing an apartment.

A: If you are a resident in Barcelona it can be quite straight forward to buy an apartment here provided you are in contact with the right services to help you buy. It is best if you can speak some Spanish to help you through however if you can't then there are legal services here in Barcelona that are English speaking and can help you through the process.

Here are a few questions if you could consider these and email the answers I would be able to send you some more information.

1. What date are you looking to buy?

2. What are you looking to buy, apartment or house?

3. How many properties are you interested in buying?

4. What are you looking for in a property?

5. How much (approximately and before taxes) are you looking to invest in the property in Euros?

6. What are you expecting in terms of monthly rentals from your property?

7. What size apartment are you looking for in square metres?

8. Do you know the zone / area of Barcelona you are interested in? If not what kind of area are you looking for e.g. quiet zone but with good connections to the city centre etc?

9. What facilities are you looking for in the apartment, eg. Airconditioning, number of bedrooms, apartment with a view etc?

10. Do you currently have a Spanish Tax advisor?

11. Do you have a legal advisor based here in Barcelona?

12. Can you speak fluent Catalan or Spanish, if not what languages do you speak?

13. Which country are you tax resident?

14. Do you intend to use the property yourself or exclusively as a rental property?

15. Do you intend to rent to tourists (short term) or for local residents (long term)?

16. Will you be buying this as a business or as an individual?

17. Do you have a bank account here in Spain?

18. Are you staying in Barcelona during the purchase process or do you intend to purchase it from your home country?

19. If you are in Barcelona how long will you be staying?

These are just a few of the questions you need to consider before buying a property in Barcelona.

There are laws regulating the areas of the city where apartments may be rented for tourist visits and there are other laws governing long term rentals (local users).

In our articles on buying property in Barcelona we cover some of the useful online resources you can use to start your search for real estate here in the city. We have some of these topics in the following pages on our website.

How to buy an apartment in Barcelona. Step by Step guidance from someone that has been through the process of purchasing real estate in Barcelona.

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