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Safety in Barcelona

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Are There Mosquitoes In Barcelona, Spain?

How to protect against Mosquito bites in Barcelona in summer and what to bear in mind when considering the correct type of mosquito protection to bring with you

Attempted Theft in Barcelona Foiled

Tourist protected by following our safety guidelines and foiled theft in Barcelona

Car safety in Barcelona

Tips on how to avoid car crime and stay if your bring a car to Barcelona.

Contact Details For Police Station Near Las Ramblas in Barcelona?

Contact details, address and telephone number for the police station near Las Ramblas for making a crime report (Denuncia). Includes a link to English-speaking telephone assistance service when involved in a crime in Spain.

English Speaking Telephone Line For Making A Police Report In Barcelona

How to make a police report in Barcelona using an English speaking support telephone line if you are subject to a crime whilst in Spain. The Crime report is called a "Denuncia" in Spain

Personal Safety in Barcelona

Links to personal safety articles when visiting Barcelona, Spain

Re Issuing Lost Police Report

How to re-issue a missing police report of a crime once you have left Barcelona, Spain. Includes telephone number for English speaking service when calling from either Barcelona or overseas.

Safe Area For Accommodation In Barcelona?

Recommendations about which area to choose for your holidays in reference to personal safety.

Safest Way To Carry Personal Items in Barcelona?

Outlines the safest way to carry around your belongings whilst on holiday in Barcelona. Includes advice and tips on the best way to carry Camera, Wallet, ID and sunglasses and your belongings when on holiday in Barcelona.

Tips For Tourists Driving Foreign Plated Cars.

Advice on how to stay safe when driving a foreign number plated car in Barcelona

Visitor Feedback on Pickpockets in Barcelona and Safety Tips

Feedback on our safety tips. Includes the experience lived in Barcelona by a couple during their stay and links to the safety tips for tourists in Barcelona.

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