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English Speaking Telephone Line For Making A Police Report In Barcelona

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Q: Whilst visiting Barcelona I was unfortunately mugged. I reported it to the police and my insurer, who have mislaid the information. I have tried to contact the police to get a copy of the police report but cannot find an email address, can you help?

A: The official Spanish police website is given below. However the entire website is in Spanish. If you wish to speak with someone in English you can try calling the English speaking telephone line and see if they can help find your Denuncia (police report) reference number and details.

English Speaking Police Telephone Number For Making A Crime Report (Denuncia) Whilst in Spain.

Outside Spain Dial
 +34 90 210 2112

Inside Spain Dial: 092

Note that the above telephone line cannot be used to make a new Denuncia (crime report) once you have left Spain. It can only be used to make a new Denuncia when you are actually in Spain.

Spanish police official website

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