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Personal Safety in Barcelona

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Q: I'll be travelling to Barcelona in 2 weeks. I've read about the safety tips, which I've found helpful. I'm an Asian, will it be easier for pick pockets to single me out as a victim? Thanks.

A: Hello, I would say don't worry too much about this because Barcelona is a truly multi-cultural city and an Asian tourist will not stand out any more than a European tourist. I think what you need to do is simply follow our safety guidance as a precaution and you should be fine.

Personal safety in Barcelona
Car crime in Barcelona
Pickpockets in Barcelona

Many site visitors have asked us how they can lodge a formal complaint about crime in Barcelona to the Mayor. If you have been subject to a crime in Barcelona and wish to send through your experience to the Mayor, then the contact page for the Mayor of Barcelona can be found on the following link. The Major of Barcelona has the power to make changes in the city so please make sure to send your feedback to him.

Contact details of the Mayor of Barcelona.

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