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Re Issuing Lost Police Report

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Q: Hi, I was pickpocketed in Barcelona on the 23 April. I made a police report and took it back with me to the UK. My insurance company wanted me to send it to them with an account of what happened, so I did. However, it seems to be lost in the post, and I have no copy of it. I have the reference crime number, but no idea of how to get a replacement of the police report and the insurance company will not reimburse me without the document. If you know of any way I can get another copy, or the contact details of the necessary authority from which to claim I would be grateful.

A: It is important that you keep a copy of the Denuncia (Police Report) because if you lose it, you will not be able to obtain a copy if you have left Spain. There is an English-Speaking police telephone number you can call (see below) and speak to them directly about this. Note they are not able to arrange a replacement copy of the Police Report however they should be able to tell you the correct, current procedure for obtaining a copy of your Denuncia.

English Speaking Police Telephone Number For Making A Crime Report (Denuncia) Whilst in Spain.

Inside Spain Dial: 092

The above telephone line cannot be used to make a new Denuncia (crime report) once you have left Spain. It can only be used to make a new Denuncia when you are actually in Spain.

Spanish Police Website (only available in Spanish).

Many site visitors have asked us how they can lodge a formal complaint about crime in Barcelona to the Mayor. If you have been subject to a crime in Barcelona and wish to send through your experience to the Mayor, then the contact page for the Mayor of Barcelona can be found on the following link. The Major of Barcelona has the power to make changes in the city so please make sure to send your feedback to him.

Contact details of the Mayor of Barcelona.

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