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Safe Area For Accommodation In Barcelona?

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Q: I am thinking of staying in Barcelona for my holidays and am looking at accommodation in three areas:
(i) Sagrada Família;
(ii) Castelldefels;
(iii) Just off Las Ramblas.

The place just off Las Ramblas is the cheapest, but I would like to know if there is a lot of theft in this area? I am also worried that the place at Las Ramblas would be broken into and our stuff stolen. Can you advise the best thing to do?

A: It is true that, as at all other main tourist places, Barcelona suffers from a pick pocketing problem in the most important tourist areas. You will find these difficulties at any other major city in the World, not just Barcelona.

Barcelona City Pass

Though the pick pocketing usually does not represent a danger for your personal safety, it is still annoying. We think that it is important to tell you about it, so you can be aware of the problem and avoid situations that can lead to your being a victim of pickpockets. If you follow our safety guidelines (see links below), you will reduce the risk of anything happening during your stay here, as Barcelona is not a dangerous city with major crime. As with any other major city, it is safer where fewer tourists are and you should avoid quiet dark streets at night.

In my opinion, it is important to feel good wherever you go. If you think you would feel insecure in an area then, then it may be best avoid staying there simply because you would most likely worry and it could spoil your trip.

The Sagrada Família area is a calm Catalan family quarter - except around the basilica itself, as it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Barcelona. If you find an accommodation in that area, you should just be fine.

The second option, Castelldefels, is a place next to the beach outside Barcelona. You need to catch the train, the bus or have a car to travel to or from Barcelona, which may be a little stressful in case you depend on the public transport, because you wouldn't be able to enjoy Barcelona at night: the last train leaves early on working days as well as on bank holidays.

Last train to Castelldefels: 22:39

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