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Visitor Feedback on Pickpockets in Barcelona and Safety Tips

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Q: I read your email about safety on the street before going to Barcelona recently and found it really helpful. My partner and I always wore our bags over our bodies and our money separately and generally tried not to look like obvious tourists. We were beginning to think that maybe it had all been a bit exaggerated but sitting in a restaurant one evening the woman next to us who had her bag on the ground found that someone sitting behind her had reached in and taken out about €100.00 without her even noticing!

A: Thank you for your feedback. I think this is helpful for other tourists who may think as you did at the beginning. Hopefully, people will start being more aware of the fact that they need to care about their belongings here. We really recommend reading our Barcelona safety tips for your stay in Barcelona carefully, and if you haven't done so yet, please see this page:

Barcelona safety guide with special tips

Many site visitors have asked us how they can lodge a formal complaint about crime in Barcelona to the Mayor. If you have been subject to a crime in Barcelona and wish to send through your experience to the Mayor, then the contact page for the Mayor of Barcelona can be found on the following link. The Mayor of Barcelona has the power to make changes in the city so please make sure to send your feedback to him.

Contact details of the Mayor of Barcelona.

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