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Location and address of the Desigual flagship store in Barcelona?

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Q: Hi, My mom is taking me on trip to Barcelona as a graduation gift. She plans on taking me there next year after my graduation. I’m a big fan of the Desigual brand and I’ve read that their flagship store is located in Barcelona city. This is going to be exciting but I do not know yet where I can find the flagship store. What is the location and address of the Desigual flagship store in Barcelona?

Desigual store located in Portal de L'Angel
Desigual Store

A: You can find the Desigual flagship store in Plaça de Catalunya and this is also the biggest store among all their shops around the world. It has three floors that has clothes and products for men, women and children. A suitable place to treat yourself to go shop in the biggest Desigual store and be stunned by a collection of decorative and vibrant apparel and products available there. The store is in Plaça de Catalunya, the central area of Barcelona city. You can also have a relaxing walk around this green area and be impressed with the different sculptures and fountains.

There are also several Desigual shops in Barcelona. We have another page on our website that has details about the location for the other Desigual stores. Here are the details for the Desigual flagship store in Barcelona city:

Placa Catalunya, 9
08002 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 343 5940

MetroMetro: Catalunya (Green Line, L3)

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:00 - 20:00

For more information about the other Desigual stores in Barcelona city, you can visit our other pages on the website.

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