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How To Find Out How Much Refund Is Due On Tax Free Refund in Spain?

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Q: I have some questions about the tax free shopping in Spain. How much do I save on every item I purchase that exceeds €90.15? There is a problem in refunding the tax because the amount received in my bank account is not in Euro and the amount refunded is not the same as what written on the receipt. However, I do not have proof to reclaim because I submitted all my receipts of buying the items to refund the tax. So I would like to know how can I obtain the total amount of refund of all the items that I've purchased since I do not have any receipts or tickets with me.

A: You would need to contact the tax refund organization that processed your refund. There are several companies that offer a tax refund service in Spain. The VAT amount (or IVA as it is known here) in Spain is 21% on most goods purchased however there is a charge associated with processing the tax refund so your amount will be less than this. In addition, your bank has an exchange rate for converting euros into your own currency. This exchange rate varies depending on the market conditions and also the exchange that the bank chooses to set. Banks make revenue by altering the exchange rate slightly in their favour in this way they gain a percentage in the currency exchange.

To find out how much you were refunded in Euros you should contact the tax refund organization who processed your refund. We write about one tax refund organization on our pages. Here is the link:

Tax free shopping in Barcelona

Note that in Spain most businesses close down in August for the summer and there is normally only a sceleton amount of staff working. It may be September now before someone at the tax refund can answer your questions.

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