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Opening Hours of Tobacco shops Selling Cigarettes on Las Ramblas?

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Q: Can you let me know if any of the tobacco shops "tabac shops" around the Ramblas selling cigarettes that will be open on Sundays. Also will the tobacco shops be open around the Christmas period?

A: The La Rambla is one of the most famous places for tourists in Barcelona to visit. That means that it is one of the places where you will find most shops open. In general, the opening hours for shops in Barcelona may vary a little. They typically open at 09:00 or 10:00 and close at 20:30 or 21:00. Tobacco shops follow the same rules as normal shops.

La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain
La Rambla in Barcelona

However for kiosks on Las Ramblas, the opening hours vary more than for shops in other areas of the city. In general, many of the newspaper kiosks that also sell cigarettes at the Ramblas open almost every day of the year.

Some even open 24 hours a day every day. Though, this depends on the general situation, as several of the kiosk owners told me. They may change their opening hours during the months when there are fewer tourists visiting the city. The hours mentioned are valid for the kiosks and also for many of the souvenirs shops.

Kiosks along La Rambla street in Barcelona, Spain
Kiosks along La Rambla street in Barcelona

In general, during the peak season the newspaper kiosks actually on La Rambla usually open until late and even on Sundays. Other shops also on La Rambla follow the same rules e.g. you will find pharmacies that open 24 hours a day or a book shop that opens on Sundays during the morning from 08:00 - 14:00.

If you are looking to buy cigarettes in bulk then it is recommended you buy them from a specialist Tabac shop as opposed to a newspaper kiosk because the prices are likely to be much more competitive.

I found one Tobacco shop (Tabac in Catalan) that probably will open on Sunday 24 December however he could not confirm for sure. The owner told me to call in advance to make sure, but usually they open on Sundays around Christmas. You will find the contact details below:

Gimeno Ramblas - Tabacs, Regals, Articles Fumador
La Rambla, 100
08002 Barcelona, España.
Tel: +34 93 318 4947 / +34 93 302 0983
Website: Gimeno Tabacs

The other Tobacco shops selling cigarettes said they do not open on Sundays.

There is a good Tabac shop just a few yards off La Rambla on Carrer de Sant Pau that has a wide collection of cigarettes and tobacco products. The nearest Metro is Liceu.

In general, big shops or department stores like Corte Inglés open the two Sundays proceeding Christmas, they also sell cigarettes in the basement supermarket. However, if you are looking to buy cigarettes in bulk, then the best places are most definitely the specialist Tabacs shops as they generally have the lowest prices for cigarettes over normal shops and the widest selection of brands.

You will find information about opening hours on Sundays around the Ramblas area and general shopping information and tips by visiting this page:

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