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Zara Stores Near Plaça de Catalunya

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Q: We have booked a hotel near Plaça de Catalunya and we are planning to go shopping once we have arrived. Can you tell us where we can find the Zara stores that are near Plaça de Catalunya?

Zara store located at Avenida del Portal de L'Angel
Zara Store
A: You can find 5 Zara shops near Plaça de Catalunya. And 3 of the shops there are considered as the biggest and main stores in Barcelona. We have an article on our site about the 3 biggest Zara stores in the city. I recommend you view our page about the 3 biggest Zara stores in Barcelona. For the other Zara stores in the city, you can go to our other page about the Zara Shops in Barcelona. We have information there about the other store locations in the city.

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