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How To Buy Tickets for Traveller With A Disability for Barcelona FC Football Match

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Q: I have limited mobility but am able to walk with assistance of a walking stick. I would like to buy tickets for a Barcelona FC match in advance of my trip. How can I do this? Are there special locations in Barcelona FC Stadium for limited mobility visitors?

A: There are special locations in the Camp Nou Stadium for both limited mobility and for wheelchair users. If you do not have a wheelchair then you should book tickets for the Easy Access limited mobility section of the stadium. Do not purchase tickets for the wheelchair section as this is reserved only for wheelchair users.

Barcelona FC Camp Nou stadium
Barcelona FC Camp Nou stadium

How to buy your tickets for limited mobility visitor to Barcelona FC match

We recommend you visit the following web page where you can either book your tickets directly online, or, if you have more detailed questions before making your booking you can contact the Specialized Attention Office (known as OAE) at FC Barcelona club. You will find their contact details by following the link below. You can also send them an email, or call them by phone for pre-sales questions.

Special Attention Office (OAE)

Tel:  +34 90 218 9900
Email:  [email protected]

Buy online tickets for FC Barcelona games for limited mobility visitors.

Book your Camp Nou Experience tickets online to avoid the queues

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