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How To Buy Tickets for FC Barcelona Football Match for Wheelchair User?

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Q: I am a wheelchair user and am visiting Barcelona in 8 weeks. I would love to attend a FC Barcelona football match would this be possible? How do I learn more about how to buy tickets and what types of facilities are available? Thank you.

A: Yes, it is absolutely possible to attend a FC Barcelona football match as a wheelchair user. Barcelona football club have taken excellent measures to accommodate wheelchair, people with a disability and limited mobility visitors.

There are 2 special locations in the Camp Nou Stadium for wheelchair users and you can find out where those areas are and how to make your bookings by contacting a special department at FC Barcelona that deals with enquiries specifically for visitors with a disability.

It is best to contact the Specialized Services Office (OAE) at the club. We have provided their details below.

Specialised Services (OAE)

Tel:  +34 90 218 9900
Email:  [email protected]

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