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Buy Football Tickets In Advance Outside Spain?

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Q: We will travel from Hong Kong to Barcelona and want to watch a football match at the Camp Nou (Barcelona FC stadium) We have visited the web-site of Barcelona FC stadium however it only explains how to reserve a visit to the stadium or buying football tickets from auto bank machines in Barcelona and in the stadium. However it does not tell how to buy tickets overseas in advance. How can we do this?

A: Recently Barcelona FC have made it possible to purchase tickets for the Barça games through ServiCaixa. You can even print them out at home after purchasing them.

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If you enter the ServiCaixa website, select the English version. Then follow these instructions:
1. Go to "Sports" in the left menu and select "FC Barcelona".
2. If you want to watch a football game. Select "Buy tickets" under "Liga and Copa games". You will be led through a page containing the different matches.
3. Click the "Buy tickets" link on the match you want to book then you will be directed to the booking page.
4. In the first step that says "How many tickets do you want?", choose how many tickets you would like to purchase then press "Continue".
5. In the second step which is "We will offer you the best available seats", select the seats you want (or the ones that are still available) then press the "Continue" button.
6. In the third step that says "See the special offers and compare prices", choose special offers if there are available.
7. Finally you will reach the section for payment by credit card information.

That's it, enjoy having the tickets for the game. Please find the link to the official website of FC Barcelona below:

Football Club Barcelona purchase tickets on the official ServiCaixa website.

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