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Is it recommended to pre-book tickets for Camp Nou Experience before my trip to Barcelona?

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Q: Do you recommend to pre-book tickets for the Camp Nou Experience tour?

A: It is not necessary for you to pre-book your tickets to go on the Barcelona Camp Nou Experience tour. You can purchase the tickets on the day if you want. If however you are intending to go during the peak seasons which are from April to September it may be worth considering pre-booking your tickets in advance to avoid the long queues.

FC Barcelona Stadium
FC Barcelona Stadium

We have also had some email feedback from site visitors that said they were not admitted to the Camp Nou during busy times because they had reached capacity of the tour. This however is rare and normally you should have no problem buying tickets on the day.

Trophies on display at FC Barcelona museum
Trophies on display at FC Barcelona museum

If you purchase your tickets in advance you will be guaranteed entry into the stadium even if it is busy. You also will be able to skip the queues during busy times when you buy online.

If you follow the link below you will be taken to a secure online reservation booking form where you can reserve your Camp Nou Experience tickets.

In summary here are the pros and cons for purchasing your tickets in advance of your trip:


1. Fast-track entry - less time waiting in queues (may be important if you have small children or if it is a hot day).

2. Guaranteed entry into the tour even if it is a busy day.

3. Occasionally there are small discounts for purchasing the tickets online.

1. You need to remember to bring along your printout voucher and photographic identification of the person that purchased the tickets online.

Camp Nou Stadium Experience tour tickets

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