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Organized Day Trips to Salvador Dalí Museum from Barcelona?

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Q: We would like to go on an organized day trip to the Salvador Dalí museum. Could you send us details and prices?

Picture of Dalí Musuem in Figueres near Barcelona
Dalí Museum in Figueres
A: The trip to the Dalí museum is well worth a visit when you are in Barcelona. The Dalí museum is based in a small town called Figueres and has one of the largest collections of Dalí's works. The museum itself is an amazing site. Easily identifiable with its huge egg that towers above the museum.

Below you will find some links that will enable you to book an organized trip to the Salvador Dalí museum from Barcelona.

Dalí Museum day trip by coach to Figueres and Girona

The following link will take you to a page detailing an organized coach trip to Girona and Figueres from Barcelona and includes a visit to the Dalí Museum. This trip is a full day trip. You would also need to make your own way to the pickup point in Barcelona.

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