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How To Travel From Barcelona To Blanes By Train?

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Q: I want to travel from Barcelona centre train station to Blanes in the Costa Brava but I can not find my answer on RENFE website. All the websites I have looked at are giving me conflicting information. Can you help me?

A: The first thing to note is that Barcelona to Blanes train operates under the subdivision of RENFE services known as "Cercanias". If you go to the main RENFE website you need to first click on the link or graphic that says "Cercanias" and then click on the link for Barcelona. This will give you access to the timetable information for the Cercanias train services running from Barcelona centre train station. If you do not do this, you will not find the train timetable information for Barcelona to Blanes on their standard search. This is a quirk with the design on the RENFE website. For your convenience I have provided the exact link you need below.

After you have followed the train timetable link below you will then need to select Barcelona Sants from the "Origen" drop down box and then select "Blanes" from the "Destino" drop down. The word "Fecha" means date. So select your dates. The next section called "Consulta por intervalo horario" is optional - just leave it blank. In this way you will see the train times running on your selected date.

Barcelona to Blanes train times and timetable

Train fare to Blanes from Barcelona centre

Single train ticket: €6.30
Return train ticket: €12.95

Our Insider Tip

If you purchase the return ticket it is only valid up to the end of the following day. It will then expire. Therefore under most circumstances it is best to simply buy the single ticket for each journey separately when you need it. This gives you more flexibility should you decide you want to extend the time you want to spend in Blanes.

The train ticket for Barcelona to Blanes cannot be purchased online through the RENFE website. It has to be purchased directly at the respective train stations.

Duration of the train journey time

The train journey from Barcelona Sants station to Blanes train station will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Barcelona Airport to Blanes by train

If you are arriving at Barcelona Airport you will need to take the RENFE airport train from the airport to Estació Sants (Barcelona Sants station) and then change for the train to Blanes. The Airport RENFE train only runs from Terminal 2 (T2) If you are arriving at T1 you would need to first take the free T1/ T2 airport shuttle bus.

How to get to Estació Sants (Barcelona Sants)

If you are staying in Barcelona centre the easiest way to get to Barcelona Sants is via the metro (underground) system. There is a metro stop actually at Barcelona Sants.

Location of Estació Sants station
Barcelona metro map

Barcelona to Blanes by Bus

If you are interested in taking the bus from Barcelona to Blanes see the following link:

Barcelona to Blanes by bus

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