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What Are The Activities For Children In Montserrat?

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Q: My family and I are going to Barcelona for 7 days. We are planning to visit the Monastery of Montserrat whilst on vacation. We have two kids who will be travelling with us. I was wondering since it is a Monastery will my kids have fun there? What are the activities they can enjoy while we visit Montserrat? Can I bring my children to Montserrat?

A: You can bring your children to see Montserrat Monastery. There are activities there where both adults and children can enjoy.

One is the Museum of Montserrat where you will see collections of art and archaeological heritage of the thousand-year-old Montserrat Abbey. Both you and your kids will learn about the history of Montserrat here. You can find the museum entrance under St. Mary’s Square between the steps leading to the main square.

For more information about the museum, opening hours and ticket prices, see our page Museum at Montserrat.

Next, is the Interactive Museum of Montserrat called Espai Audio Visual. You and your family can take a virtual tour of the Monastery and its surrounding areas. This museum uses audio and visual aids to display the spirituality, culture and history of Montserrat. All the lights and sounds will capture your interest right away. The Espai Audio Visual museum is located to the left of the information office in Montserrat.

For more information about the Espai Audio Visual Museum, opening hours and ticket prices, see our page Espai Audio Visual Museum at Montserrat.

You may also be interested in other activities on Montserrat Monastery. Visit the basilica and see the Black Madonna, watch the performance of the Escolania Boys Choir, or simply walk around the Monastery and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of Barcelona.

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