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Half Day Tours to Montserrat from Barcelona?

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Q: We are planning a short trip to Montserrat from Barcelona. Are there half day day tours available for Montserrat?

A: There are two types of organized half-day guided tours, there is one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Going on an arranged tour can save you a lot of time if you wish to visit the Monastery in a short period of time. Plus, these tours are suitable for those who want to visit Montserrat without the problems of working out the routes and arrange train tickets and transport up to Montserrat mountain independently. Both tours include a return journey from Barcelona to Montserrat in an air-conditioned bus.

People walking around the Monastery of Montserrat
People walking around the Monastery of Montserrat

For the Half Day Guided Tours you will get the following:
1) Comfortable air-conditioned bus round trip from Barcelona Plaça de Catalunya
2) Professional tour guide
3) Visit the Benedictine Monastery and the Montserrat Abbey. See the Black Madonna.
4) Guided visit of the Montserrat Monastery
5) Free time to roam around the Monastery

Your guide will tell you stories about the history, tales and legends of the Monastery Mountain making this visit interesting.

For more information about the guided tours see our pages below:
Guided half day morning tour of the Montserrat Monastery with visit to Montserrat Monastery museum and Basilica

Organized afternoon tour to Montserrat Monastery with guided visit of Benedictine Monk retreat, Basilica and Museum

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