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Can We Ride A Bus That Goes Directly To Montserrat From Barcelona?

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Q: I was reading about the different transport options I can take to Montserrat. Is there a bus that can take us straight to Montserrat Monastery from Barcelona?

A: You can travel directly to Montserrat from Barcelona by bus. The bus is operated by a company called Autocars Julia. You can find this bus at the bus station right next to Barcelona Sants station. There is one bus per day that travels from Barcelona to Montserrat. You will depart in the morning then ride the bus going back to Barcelona in the evening.

For more information about the bus to Montserrat, ticket prices, operating times and bus stops see our page Barcelona to Montserrat Bus.

Alternatively, you can go on an organized tour to Montserrat from Barcelona. These are half-day guided tours with one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both tours include a return bus journey to Montserrat from Barcelona.

You will board an air-conditioned bus with guaranteed seating, going to Montserrat. You will visit the Montserrat Museum. Where you will see more than 1,300 exhibits from the 13th-century to the 20th-century. Visit the Montserrat Basilica, see the Black Madonna and get 2 hours free time to explore the Monastery. After the tour, the bus will take you back to Barcelona.

For the Half Day Guided Tours you will get the following:
1) Round trip air-conditioned bus from Barcelona Plaça de Catalunya
2) Professional tour guide
3) Visit the Benedictine Monastery and the Montserrat Abbey.
4) See the Black Madonna
5) Guided visit of the Montserrat Monastery
6) Free time to explore the Monastery

For more information about the guided tours see our pages below:
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Organized afternoon tour to Montserrat Monastery with guided visit of Benedictine Monk retreat, Basilica and Museum

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