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Car Parking Close to Montserrat Monastery near Barcelona, Spain

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Q: In February, my wife and I will be visiting Montserrat monastery. Since my wife is pregnant we would like to go by car and park it as close as possible to the Monastery. Could you tell us how long does it take to walk from the car park to the monastery and what is the price for parking our car in the car park?

A: You can park right next to the Montserrat Monastery. Check our Map of Montserrat page to see where the car park is in relation to the Monastery. However, this may not be ideal for a pregnant woman since the car park is at the side of the hill and you would therefore need to walk a few minutes up the hill towards the Monastery. If you feel your wife could make that walk then it is an option for you.

Montserrat Monastery near Barcelona
Montserrat Monastery near Barcelona

For the prices of the car parking at Montserrat Monastery see table below:

Rate Bike Car Coach
Per day Up to 30 minutes: Free More than 30 minutes: €3.50 Up to 30 minutes: Free More than 30 minutes: €6.50 Up to 30 minutes: €21.00 More than 30 minutes: €52.50
Long stays Up to 3 days: €7.50 Up to 3 days: €10.50 Up to 3 days: €60.00
Long stays Up to 7 days: €9.50 Up to 7 days: €11.50 Up to 7 days: €70.50

Otherwise, you can park your car for free at Cremallera de Monistrol Vila Rack Railway station at the foot of Montserrat mountain. Then take the Cremallera Rack Railway straight up to the Monastery. The Rack Railway option involves minimal walking once you get off the mountain train. You and your wife can also sit down whilst on the Cremallera and enjoy the wonderful views going up the mountain.

Below are the contact details for the Cremallera de Monistrol Vila Rack Railway

Tel: +34 93 252 1480
Web: Official Cremallera Website
E-mail: [email protected]

For additional information about the Cremallera Rack Railway: how to use the service, ticket options available, operating times and prices. See our page Rack Railway to Montserrat.

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