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How Many Trains Should We Ride Going Up To The Monastery?

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Q: I am a bit confused about the trains going up to Montserrat. I know you can ride a train from Plaça España to Monistrol de Montserrat. From there, how many more trains should we ride going up to the Monastery?

A: If you are travelling to Montserrat by train from Barcelona, you are going to take two trains that will take you to the centre of Montserrat Monastery.

First train
From Barcelona Plaça España Line R5 then get off at Monistrol de Montserrat station.

Second train
From Monistrol de Montserrat station, take the Cremallera Rack Rail way going up to the centre of the Monastery.

For more information about getting to Montserrat by train, the timetable and ticket prices. See our page Travelling to Montserrat by Train.

You can also have the option to ride the Aeri de Montserrat cable car going up to the Monastery. If you wish to take the cable car up to the Monastery instead of the Cremallera Rack Railway you would need to ensure to get off the train at the stop before Monistrol de Montserrat. For more information about the cable car see our page Cable Car in Montserrat.

Once you have arrived at the Monastery you can visit other parts of the mountain, which are accessbile by additional funiculars at the Monastery. These two funiculars are called Santa Cova and Sant Joan. Keep in mind these are different from the Cremallera Rack Railway. The Cremallera is a rack railway service that will take you from the bottom of Montserrat Mountain to the Montserrat Monastery. These two funiculars will take you from the Monastery to other parts of the Montserrat mountain.

The first funicular is Santa Cova. This funicular goes down the side of the mountain allowing you to visit the ‘Santa Cova’ cave chapel. Which, according to legend, this is where some shepherds found the image of Mare de Deu de Montserrat, also known as the Black Madonna. You can see the image of the Virgin of Montserrat inside the Basilica.

For more details about Santa Cova funicular, ticket prices, schedule and how to use the service, see our page Santa Cova Funicular in Montserrat.

The second funicular is the Sant Joan. This funicular will take you up to a higher location on the mountain from the Monastery. You can either take the funicular to see panoramic views of Montserrat mountain or hike around the natural park. Visit the nature centre and learn about the history of the mountain, it’s climate, plants and animals in the area.

For more details about Sant Joan funicular, ticket prices, schedule and how to use the service, see our page Sant Joan Funicular in Montserrat.

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