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How To Buy Souvenirs Of Montserrat Monastery Online?

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According to the latest official COVID measures in Catalonia, there are no more mobility restrictions within Catalonia since 26 April 2021, which means travelling between Montserrat and Barcelona is allowed. We recommend you visit our Barcelona latest COVID updates page for the latest COVID-related updates in Barcelona.

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Q: I have seen a small (about 4 inches / 10 cm high) carved wooden statue of the black Madonna seated with Christ and holding a ball. I would like to buy one. Can the church gift shop mail one to me?

A: The Montserrat souvenir shop has an online website where you can purchase goods featured in the online store. Here is their official website:

Montserrat Monastery online store

Souvenir shop in Montserrat Barcelona
Souvenir shop in Montserrat

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