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Separate Combination Tickets For Train from Barcelona With Cable Car and Return Journey to Barcelona with Rack Railway Option

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Q: We want to experience both the Cable Car journey up to Montserrat and the Rack Railway down from Montserrat. Therefore is it possible to buy a combination ticket for train plus cable car to Montserrat then a separate combination ticket for train plus Cremallera Rack Railway back to Barcelona? Can I buy both these combination tickets at Plaça España station?

A: Yes, you can buy a single combination ticket for train and cable car to Montserrat. Then purchase another single combination ticket for Cremallera Rack Railway and train going back to Barcelona separately.

Montserrat ticket booth
Montserrat ticket booth

These combined tickets may be purchased at the Montserrat ticket booths at Plaça España station.

However, keep in mind the tickets are not interchangeable meaning you cannot change your mind and use the other route once you buy the tickets. So it is best you make sure to buy the correct combination ticket.

You can find ticket prices for each single combination ticket below:

Single journey train plus Aeri de Montserrat Cable Car

Single journey train plus Cremallera Rack Railway

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