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Where To Pick-Up Trans Montserrat Tickets Purchased Online?

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Q: If I buy Trans Montserrat tickets online, can I exchange the voucher for tickets in Barcelona Airport Terminal 1? Can I exchange the voucher 2 days before my trip to Montserrat Monastery

A: You cannot claim on-line booked Trans Montserrat tickets at the Barcelona airport. When you buy Trans Montserrat tickets online you must go to the Montserrat ticket point in Plaça España Station. Then exchange your vouchers and collect the tickets that will allow you to travel to Montserrat.

You may go to Montserrat ticket booth in Plaça España during their opening hours below:
Monday - Sunday: 8:00 - 14:00

You can claim your tickets before the trip or same day before leaving.

Aside for buying tickets on-line, you can also purchase tickets at the automatic vending machines in Plaça España station.

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