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Can We Take A Taxi To Montserrat From Barcelona?

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Q: Can we take a taxi from Barcelona to Montserrat? Then get back to Barcelona from Montserrat on the same day?

A: You can ride a taxi from Barcelona to Montserrat. However, once you are at Montserrat there is no taxi rank there. You will need to call the taxi company and request to be picked up. There is one taxi company in the nearby village of Montserrat who can pick you up from the Monastery going back to Barcelona. You can also go to the tourist office at Montserrat and request for a taxi pick-up. They are located across the exit of the Cremallera Rack Railway station on Montserrat mountain.

Below are the contact details for the taxi company near Montserrat Monastery.

Marceli Taxis
Tel: +34 60 732 9946

Taxi Fare: €90.00

Aside from riding a taxi, you may be interested in taking an organized guided coach tour to Montserrat.

You have two options for these tours. You can go in the morning or the afternoon. Both tours offer a return bus journey to Montserrat from Barcelona.

For more information about the guided tours see our pages below:
Guided half day morning tour of the Montserrat Monastery with visit to Montserrat Monastery museum and Basilica

Organized afternoon tour to Montserrat Monastery with guided visit of Benedictine Monk retreat, Basilica and Museum

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